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  • What is the Product License System for Industrial Products?

    ​The product license system for industrial products is a quality supervision system implemented by the Central Government for major industrial products.

  • What is Quality and Technical Supervision?

    Quality and technical supervision is a kind of administrative activity regulating and supervising product quality by technical testing and metric testing according to standards, laws and regulations. It covers all aspects of a country’s economy and social development, including, for example, industrial and agricultural production, engineering construction, scientific research, culture and education, medicine and sanitation, environmental protection, nuclear safety, internal and external trade, and the service industry.

  • What is the Compulsory Product Certification System?

    Any product requiring a CCC Mark can't be imported, sold or used for commercial services, unless it has been duly certified by a designated authority and bears the certification mark.

  • What is Product Quality Certification?

    Product quality certification is conformity assessment applied by certification bodies evaluating products in accordance with relevant technical specifications, whether or not by compulsory inspection.

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