The city's pilot special equipment installation, renovation, repair and construction is self-service approval

Update : 2018-07-09

For the implementation of the requirements of the State Council about accelerate the transformation of government functions, to intensify the reformation of administrative license system, improve administrative efficiency, since July 1st, 2018, Pudong and Jingan districts, Shanghai, has pilot the self-service examination and approval for special equipment installation, renovation and repair construction notification

 After the implementation of self-service examination and approval, special equipment construction units who were submitted the special equipment construction application for notification online, and promised the submitted materials for real, can be automatically generated by the system to inform receipt immediately and directly print, time limit for examination and approval by the statutory shortened to 2 business days on the spot, and the processsing time is not subject to the working time constraints of the examination and approval authorities, it can be handle 7 * 24 hours in any time. According to statistics, in 2017, Shanghai has received 11850 items of the starts up notification of special equipment, the implementation of the special equipment for examination and approval of construction notification self-service, both realized no meeting for examination and approval, also reduced the administrative organ for examination and approval links which will greatly improve the efficiency of the examination and approval construction notification of special equipment.

 Next step, SMBQTS will continue to track the pilot effect, and will continuously improve the self-service approval system and information system, and also will gradually copy and promote it to the whole city.

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