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International standardization conference held in Shanghai

Update : 2017-11-23

The 2017 Shanghai cooperation platform for international standardization conference and international standardization expert forum was held in Shanghai on Nov 17.

Chen Xiaojun, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality Technical and Supervision (SMBQTS), Wei Huajian, the vice-president of Huayi Group, Wu Xuling, the president of International Standardization Organization (ISO), and Xu Jianping, the president of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) participated in the international conference.

Shanghai Cooperation Platform summarized the main work in 2017 and made a plan for 2018 where it showcased the main results Shanghai achieved in international standardization.

Chen, pointed out that Shanghai would not spare any efforts in promoting the transformation of Chinese standards to international standards and the application of Shanghai standards in an international way. Shanghai Cooperation Platform plays a vital role in promoting international cooperation to improve the quality of Shanghai. 

The conference also hosted an expert forum on international standardization. Xu Jianping, the president of IEC and Zheng Qijun, the vice-president of IEC shared the relative experience themed around national intelligent manufacturing strategy and international standardization practice and radio interference standardization international strategy and results.

In recent years, Shanghai has vigorously promoted the construction of the Shanghai cooperation platform. Pan American Standards Commission (PASC) landed in Shanghai on July 2017 to provide powerful technology supports for China attending the international activities.

Over 20 experts in Shanghai are in important positions in ISO or IEC and some of them have won international awards such as IEC 1906 and ISO Outstanding Achievement Award.

Hundreds of experts, officials and business representatives from Chinese and overseas standardization institutes, associations, manufacturers and suppliers also attended the world event.


Chen Xiaojun, the deputy director of SMBQTS gives a speech at the international standardization conference on Nov 17. [Photo provided to chianadaily.com.cn]


2017 Shanghai cooperation platform for international standardization conference was held in Shanghai on Nov 17.[Photo provided to chianadaily.com.cn]