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Campaign launched to promote food safety awareness

Source : chinadaily.com.cnUpdate : 2017-07-20


An on-site staff introduces food safety knowledge to the local residents. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision (SMBQTS) launched a food safety inspection campaign to residents in Putuo District to promote their professional knowledge of food safety testing on July 11.

The experts from SMBQTS have given a detailed explanation on how to quickly test the quality of food production and how to choose safe food and also have a deep communication with the residents who are eager to gain more common sense knowledge.

Additionally, the on-site staffs have given out brochures on purchasing safe food products which guide residents to consume and use food related products in a scientific way.

Specific Products Bureau of SMBQTS, Putuo District Market Authority and more than 70 local residents participated in the campaign.