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Training for SMEs to performance excellence

Source : chinadaily.com.cnUpdate : 2017-06-30

Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision (SMBQTS) gave training in Linggang area, Shanghai, to propel small and medium-size enterprises business (SMEs) to performance excellence. 

It is the seventh stop of the “Shanghai Quality” campaign launched in the end of April this year. 

Finishing series of lectures delivered by eminent big companies to share their experience in outstanding quality performance, now SMBQTS turned to SMEs.

The training aimed to elaborate guidelines to apply for Shanghai Quality Award and invite quality award winners to share their gains in performance excellence.

Linggang, Shanghai, boasts itself a new gateway to Asia, as Shanghai plans to develop it into a globally important center focused on advanced manufacturing and emerging technologies. 

Shanghai Linggang Innovation Center, in the Lingang area, is said to be China’s first national incubation base approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology to boost the intelligent manufacturing sector. 


An aerial sight of Shanghai Lingang Area [Photo provided to China Daily]


The Shanghai Linggang Innovation Center [Photo provided to China Daily]


The logo of the “Shanghai Quality” campaign. As an active response to the World Accreditation Day 2017 and the “Brand China” initiative, Shanghai started the “Shanghai Quality” campaign to create prestigious Shanghai brands worthy of repute around the world. Also through this campaign, Shanghai endeavors to promulgate world famous standards and develop Shanghai-quality standards and systems to enhance the city’s footprint in world markets. [Photo provided to China Daily]