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Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, emerging businesses talk

Source : chinadaily.com.cnUpdate : 2017-06-13

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Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, Shanghai [Photo provided to China Daily]

Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision (SMBQTS) recently held the fourth event of its 2017 Shanghai Quality Promotion Campaign at Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, also known as Zhangjiang Innopark, in Pudong district.

Shanghai launched the campaign to encourage successful businesses to share advice on how to promote a culture of excellence within an organization. 

The first three events were hosted by companies in traditional industries—namely, Shanghai Shentong Metro Group, China Construction Eight Engineering Division Corp and Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries—but this fourth event in Zhangjiang put the spotlight on businesses in emerging sectors.


Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, founded in 1992 in the Pudong New Area, is the biggest hotbed of innovation in Shanghai. It is home to more than 70,000 researchers and 80 percent of Shanghai’s high-end talents.

The 94-square-kilometer park contains clusters of companies in fields including information technology, bio-pharmaceuticals, culture, intelligent manufacturing, green technology and aerospace-related industries.

The area also houses cutting-edge businesses involved in producing integrated circuits, software, electronic terminals, biotech products, digital publishing and new media platforms and “internet plus” education solutions.   

Zhangjiang has seen the launch of several high-profile projects to attract world-leading researchers including Nobel laureates in recent years. These include the creation of a biobank, the Shanghai Supercomputer Center (SSC), China’s first elderly health care database and a groundbreaking new bio-medical system. 

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Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park in Shanghai was one of China’s first national high-tech zones when it was approved by the State Council in 1992. [Photo provided to China Daily]

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Zhangjiang looks to become a park of dreams for anyone looking to become a pioneer in their respective field. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Learn more about Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park:http://www.zjpark.com/rules 


Zhangjiang, Shanghai [Photo provided to China Daily]