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China’s intelligent connected auto testing center revving up

Source : chinadaily.com.cnUpdate : 2017-06-09

Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision Deputy Director Tao Yonghua made an investigative tour on June 2 to the national intelligent connected auto center project undertaken by Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Certification and Tech Innovation Center Co Ltd (SMVIC). 


Tao Yonghua (third from right) receives a report on the planning of the national intelligent connected auto center to be built in Shanghai. [Photo provided to China Daily]

During the visit Tao also held talks on the trends and prospects of the intelligent connected auto industry in China and overseas, and expressed his appreciation to SMVIC for its work in building the national center project. He hoped the institution will overcome all possible obstacles and develop its platform, alliance and core competences in metrology testing.

Tao also promised that his bureau and its subsidiaries would seek more support from Shanghai and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine for the project.

About the intelligent connected auto industry


Shanghai is planning to create a national center to provide metrology and testing services for the intelligent connected auto industry.

The emerging intelligent connected auto industry has gained significant popularity thanks to booming information, communications and sensing technologies such as CAN, GPRS/3G/4G, DSRC, radar, GPS, big data, intelligent controller and various advanced driver assistance systems. Intelligent automobile sales are anticipated to exceed ten million by 2035, according to IHS. Smart auto technology will rank sixth among the 12 most cutting-edge tech fields after next-generation genomics and 3D printing, and yield an output value of about 13 trillion yuan ($1.9 trillion) by 2025 according to statistics released by McKinsey & Company in 2013.   



The National Center of Supervision and Inspection of Motor Vehicle Products Quality (Shanghai) and the Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Center are National-level integrated motor vehicle inspection institutions established through diversified investment. They hold third-party impartial status for the purpose of meeting the demands for rapid development of the motor vehicle industry and China’s entry into the World Trade Organization. [Photo fromwmvic.com.cn]