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Internal Divisions

Update : 2017-05-10

Division of Food Production Supervision & Management

The division regulates food quality in Shanghai. It is responsible for issuing food hygiene certificates and inspecting food production.

Division of Metrology

The division of metrology implements national metrological policies, laws and regulations. It is responsible for developing and managing public measurement standards, and certifies metrology and calibration labs. It also oversees transactions of measuring instruments and metrological data.

Division of Official Management

The division of official management is in charge of administrative and discipline supervision. It supervises and punishes violations by Party members.

Division of Personnel & Education

The Division of Personnel & Education implements policies, laws and regulations on personnel resources. It enrolls and certifies civil  servants, and manages welfare, insurance, rewards and punishment, labor protection, wages and salaries.

Division of Planning & Finance

The division manages finance, infrastructure, and property. It is responsible for maintaining the value of assets, and oversees internal finances.

Division of Policy & Regulation publicity

The Division is responsible for overseeing local laws and regulations for quality and technique supervision. It also publicizes regulations, releases news and runs China Quality Paper’s Shanghai Branch.    

Division of Quality Management & Certification

The division inspects and certifies product quality and instructs enterprises in improving quality control.

Division of Science, Technology & Information 

The division manages research programs and technical development. It oversees intellectual property and scientific inventions, and holds academic forums and vocational training.

Division of Special Equipment Supervision  

The division of special equipment supervision regulates and supervises boilers, pressure containers, elevators, cranes, large-scale amusement equipment and other special equipments. It issues certificates for design, manufacture and use of such equipments and investigates accidents.  

Division of Standardization

The department supervises and regulates the implementation of mandatory standards. It manages adoption of barcodes and other standards, as well as giving instruction and international academic forums.

Division of Supervision Management

The division investigates violations related to product quality, standards or metrology. It also punishes illegal circulation and sales of counterfeit and low-quality products.     

General Office

The General Office oversees all departments. It drafts the annual plan, and manages secretarial affairs and confidential issues, and arranges conferences and receptions. It also rewards the Model Units.

Principal supervision department

The department is in charge of the principal supervision and administrative inspection. It supervises Party members and organizations at all levels to ensure accordance with the national law, and trains members and cadres . It oversees party and administrative work in the whole bureau, and handles complaints.