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SIMT studies 10m semi-anechoic chamber construction

Source : chinadaily.com.cnUpdate : 2017-05-09

Researchers from the Shanghai Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology undertook a study tour recently to the China Electric Power Research Institute in Beijing, as the institute seeks inspiration for its project to develop a superior 10 m semi-anechoic chamber.

The visit was one of a series of tours of 10 m semi-anechoic chamber suppliers conducted by SIMT over the last few months. 

The CEPRI, founded in 1951 and affiliated to the State Grid Corporation of China, is a famous researcher and developer of extra high and ultrahigh voltage direct current transmission technology, power transmission and distribution systems, and new energy and materials technologies. The institution has won 85 national science awards, 715 provincial awards, and has been granted a total of 2,930 patents with 364 publications and published 6,883 academic papers over the course of its glittering history. 

During the tour of the CEPRI, technicians and engineers from SIMT’s Fundamental Performance Test Division, which focuses on testing electromagnetic compatibility, environment, reliability, safety performance, and electronic products, tried to learn more about how staff at the institute selected the automobile rotating hub inside the anechoic chamber, made a reasonable layout of the dual rotary tables, and used the electric filters.     

The superior 10 m semi-anechoic chamber in Zhangjiang High-tech Zone was projected to be built into a standard test facility for automotive measurements of radiated emission at 10 meter’s distance. 

Different from the common anechoic chamber, it is distinctive due to its superior performance in absorbing radio waves. The technical indicators it had in normalized site attenuation (NSA), site voltage standing wave ratio, and electromagnetic background noise were much higher than global and Chinese standards, which enabled it to provide radiated emission measurement services for large and superpower-driven facilities such as measurement devices, wind energy, electric vehicle charging-piles, metro and medical appliances.


A semi-anechoic facility for radiated emission testing. [Photo from simt.com.cn]