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Shanghai Nuclear Power Office visits SIMT

Source : chinadaily.com.cnUpdate : 2017-04-18

A Shanghai Nuclear Power Office delegation headed by the Secretary of Party Committee Wei Ping made an investigative tour to Shanghai Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology (SIMT) on April 12. 

The touring group, accompanied by SIMT director Shao Li, visited SIMT’s national project which is currently under construction. SIMT specializes in developing facilities for measuring and testing nuclear power instruments and the delegates were impressed by the level of technological sophistication on display at the labs.


SIMT and Shanghai Nuclear Power Office exchange communications at the meeting. [Photo from simt.com.cn]

After completing the field investigation, SIMT gave the delegation a reception meeting during which Han Yu, deputy director of SIMT, reported the findings of the investigation and assessed the level of progress gained. He expressed his hopes that the Office would continue to provide strong support for the project.

Wei noted SIMT’s crucial contributions made to the construction of some of China’s key energy projects such as Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant in Zhejiang province and mentioned the changes that have taken place in Shanghai’s nuclear sector in recent years. Looking forward, Wei hoped SIMT would continue to take the opportunities offered by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNCC) and make full use of its advanced technologies to further research and development.

In the coming years SIMT hopes to further its position in the nuclear power sector by building up a nuclear power industrial alliance in the service industry and further its nuclear radiation studies to help develop Shanghai’s emergency system and safety regulations surrounding nuclear power.   

Shao Li, SIMT director, pledged to intensify the institute’s endeavors to boost the cluster effect of the nuclear power sector and to augment expertise and technical proficiency in nuclear safety services.