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Shanghai pioneers to set standards for shared vehicles

Source : chinadaily.com.cnUpdate : 2017-03-13

Quite recently, shared bicycles became a hit all over big cities like Shanghai. Shared bicycles gained their great popularity for their economic, convenience, and humanity concerns. 

So far, more than 450,000 shared bicycles and e-bikes have been put into use in the city, with over 4,500,000 users registered on the applications. However, the sector immediately went into disorder and chaos once put into service and received various feedbacks for the uneven quality of vehicles of different brands.   

To improve order within the bike sharing system, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision (SMBQTS) promptly called upon Shanghai Bicycle Association to conduct an investigation of the market, and then took the lead to come up with rules and standards for virtuous competition and sound progress within the shared bicycle and e-bike industry. 

The rules and standards have many issues to consider as time limits for maintenance, platform improvements, operation requirements, charging plans, deposits, credit systems, and compensation for users who get themselves hurt on bikes. 

Next SMBQTS will work with the Shanghai Bicycle Association to seek feedback from authorities, producers, and service providers, before the regulations are actually released to the public.