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Accreditation by the Metrology Calibration Laboratory of Shanghai

Update : 2015-12-08

7 Fee

Accreditation by theCalibrationLaboratory is free of charge. However, an applicant shall pay a review fee forreview of an organization according to the contract signed by the two parties.

8 Materials to be submitted for application

(1) Application forlaboratory accreditation;

(2) Articles of association*;

(3) Evidentiary materials forthe fixed address where the calibration of measuring instruments occurs*;

(4) Verification certificates for registered capital*;

(5) Quality manual;

(6) Report on self-check;

(7) Technical specifications;

(8) Certificates on qualificationsof personnel*;

(9) 3calibration reports for each item to be accredited;

(10) 3 original recordings (with numbers corresponding to the calibration reports)

(11) Copy of Examination Certificate on Metrology Standards;

(12) Other materials.

Note: All the above materials shall be submitted in initial applications and applications for reexamination. In applications for accreditation of additional items, the materials marked with an asterisk, if no change has occurred since their preparation, may be excluded.




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