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Accreditation by the Metrology Calibration Laboratory of Shanghai

Update : 2015-12-08

3 Conditions for Approval

(1) Articles of association;

(2) Fixed address wherethe calibration of measuring instruments occurs;

(3) Registered capital no less than 500,000 RMB;

(4) Metrology calibration equipment suitable to the fieldof metrology calibration;

(5) At least 5 technical staff members with specific qualifications suitable to the field of metrology calibration;

(6) Other conditions as required by laws, regulations and rules from time to time.

4 Implementing Organization

The implementing organization is the Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision (hereinafter referred to as the Bureau).         

5 Procedure

(1) Application and Acceptance

An applicant shall submit the application to the Bureau.

The Shanghai Administrative Office for Metrology Calibration under the Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the Office) is responsible for examining the application materials and shall make a decision on acceptance or rejection of the application within 5 working days and provide a written notice of that decision to the applicant.

(2) Review

The Office shall forward the application materials in conformity with relevant requirements to the Shanghai Review Center of the Metrology Calibration Laboratory of Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as the Calibration Laboratory) and request it to organize a review.

(3) Ratification and Issuing Certificate:

The Office shall examine the result of the review. Where the relevant requirements are met,the Calibration Laboratory shall issue an Accreditation Certificate to the applicant.  Where relevant requirements are not met, an administrative decision denying accreditation shall be issued to the applicant.

The time of validity of the certificate is 3 years. A calibration organization holding a certificate due to expire may apply for reexamination and certificate renewal. Any such application shall be made no later than six months before the expiration date. The above procedures shall be followed in applications for reexamination and certificate renewal.

6 Time Limit

An administrative decision granting accreditation shall be made within 20 working days from the date of acceptance (time for rectification and improvement of the applicationis excluded. Time for review including rectification and improvement shall not exceed 2 months). The Accreditation Certificate of the Calibration Laboratory shall be issued within 10 working days from the date an administrative decision granting accreditation is made.

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