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Approval of Measuring Instruments Models (Prototype Testing)

Update : 2015-12-08

1 Project Name

Approval of Measuring Instruments Models (Prototype Testing)
2 Legal basis
(1) Article 13 of the Metrology Law of The People's Republic of China:

When an enterprise or institution manufacturing measuring instruments undertakes to manufacture new types of measuring instruments which it has not previously manufactured, such measuring instruments may be put into production only after the metrological performance of the sample products has been checked and found to be qualified by the metrological administrative department of a people's government at or above the provincial level.
(2) Article 18 of Rules for the Implementation of The Metrology Law of the People's Republic of China:

The product design of a new measurement instrument, which has never been produced in the country, must be appraised before it can be manufactured. When the product design has been finalized, it is necessary to go through formalities of model approval and obtain the relevant certificate. New products whose designs have been finalized in the country but have never been produced by the producer must be tested and their prototypes be made. A certificate of quality shall be issued after the test of prototype is passed. Those measurement instruments which have not obtained model approval or certificates of quality of their prototypes shall not be allowed to be produced.

3 Conditions for Approval
General conclusion of prototype model appraisal (prototype testing) is that the model is qualified and the requirements of model appraisal(prototype testing) are met.

4 Implementing Organization
All new measuring instruments manufactured by domestic enterprises or institutions shall apply for model approval or prototype testing to the Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision (hereinafter referred to as the Bureau) before being put into production.

5 Procedure
(1) An applicant shall submit an application and relevant materials to the Bureau.
(2) Where the application materials are incomplete or not in accordance with the legal form, the Bureau shall inform the applicant to supplement and/or modify all materials within 5 days.
(3) The Bureau shall determine the technical agency to conduct product design appraisal(prototype testing) and inform the applicant. Design appraisal shall be conducted in accordance with the requirements laid down in the appraisal (prototype testing) outline which is drawn up by the technical agency responsible for the appraisal (prototype testing), according to the technical specifications of design appraisal issued by the metrology administrative department under the State Council. Design appraisal (prototype testing) shall be finished within 60 working days under general conditions. The report of the design appraisal (notice on prototype testing results) shall be reported by the technical agency responsible for the appraisal to the Bureau.

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