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Verification of Measuring Instruments

Update : 2015-12-08

(Verification of Imported Measuring Instruments)

1 General Project Name

Verification of Measuring Instruments (Compulsory verification, Verification of Imported Measuring Instruments)

Sub-project Name:

Verification of Imported Measuring Instruments

2 Legal Basis

Article 16 of the Metrology Law of The People's Republic of China: Measuring instruments imported from abroad may be sold only after having been verified and found to be up to standard by the metrological administrative department of the people's government at or above the provincial level.

3 Conditions for Approval

Verification shall be confirmed according to regulations governing metrological verification

4 Implementing Organization

The Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision (hereinafter referred to as the Bureau).

5 Procedures

(1) Application: Those units or natural persons importing measuring instruments for sale on the domestic market must, after inspection and release by Customs, apply for verification to the Bureau.

(2) Acceptance: The Bureau shall appoint metrology verification agencies for verification.

(3) Verification: Metrology verification agencies shall finish verification within prescribed time limits according to national, ministerial, or local metrological verification regulations. Where the instruments pass verification, a certificate for verification of quality shall be issued. Where the instruments fail to pass verification, a notice of verification result shall be issued.

(4) Ratification: the certificate for verification of quality and the notice of verification result shall not take effect unless the ratification stamp of the Bureau is affixed.

6 Time Limit

(1) The Bureau shall finish examining application materials and notify the applicant whether or not the application is accepted.If accepted, the name, address and contact methods of the metrology verification agency shall be determined within five working days from the date of receiving such materials.

(2) The metrology verification agency shall finish verification within 20 working days. The time limit may be extended in special conditions after approval by the metrology administrative department dealing with the application for verification.

7 Fee

To be determined by the Notice on printing and distributing of metrology charge standard of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, State Planning Commission and Ministry of finance (Issuance No. 323 (1991) of AQSIQ)

8 Materials to be submitted for application

(1) Qualification evidence (copy) for legal person;

(2) Application for verification of imported measuring instruments;

(3) Technical instruction (containing instructions in Chinese);

(4) Operation manual;

(5) Certificate of Model Approval for Imported Measuring Instruments of the Peoples Republic of China or relevant evidence shall be submitted for measuring instruments listed in the Catalogue of Model Examination of the Peoples Republic of China for Imported Measuring Instruments;

(6) Bill of entry or relevant evidences for customs clearance (copy);

(7) Commitment for after service.