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Update : 2015-12-04

Shanghai Entity Code Administrational Office

Shanghai Entity Code Administrational Office was founded by the Center of Shanghai Organizations and Entities Code Administration. With more than 10 types of units, the office coordinates with partners and enforces codes in economic and governmental affairs.

Director: Shu Wenhua(Also the director of Shanghai Standardization Institute)

Address: No. 1219 Changle Road Shanghai
Post Code: 200031
Tel: 021-64749568
Fax: 021-64746779

Shanghai Famous Brand Recommendation Committee Office

The Shanghai Famous Brand Recommendation Committee Office formulates industrial specifications for famous brands and reports on their quality to Shanghai Famous Brand Administrational Office.

The Office, an affiliate of the Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technique Supervision, was founded on January 6,1995, with the approval of the municipal government. It has 15 units: the Municipal Economic Committee, the Municipal Commercial Committee, the Municipal Labor Committee, the Bureau of Municipal Technical Supervision, the Bureau of Industry and Commerce, the Bureau of Shanghai Inspection, the Municipal Industrial and Economical Association, the Municipal Quality Association, the Municipal Consumer Committee, the Liberation Daily Press, Wenhui Paper Press, Xinmin Evening Press, People Daily East China Branch and Shanghai Industry Paper Press. The director of the municipal economic committee serves as the director of the office, and the other units’ heads are the vice-directors. The main business is to review and examine the qualifications and recommendations of Shanghai’s famous products. The committee set up a sub-office (the famous brand office) as the permanent organ for the recommendation of famous brand products with staff from all member units.

Address: Room 1105 No. 1227 Changle Road Shanghai
Post Code: 200031
Tel: 021-54045500-2141
Fax: 021-54045500-2152

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