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Team inspects quality supervision work

Update : 2015-10-28


An inspection team from the State Council, China’s cabinet, paid a visit to the city of Shanghai to assess its quality controls works from Oct 24 – 27. 

Led by Sun Xianze, deputy director of the China Food and Drug Administration,the 12 team members listened to the work reports from the municipal and district levels, spoke with industrial associations and enterprises, and got a closer look at the city’s Shibei Hi-tech Industrial Park, Xuhui District Administrative Service Center, and Nuclear Engineering Research Institute. 


Sun said that Shanghai has done well in its quality supervision and that its Quality and Technical Supervision officials are conscious of their work in a proper way, and offered some suggestions such as: building a talent pool; improving product quality to boost industrial development; pay close attention to quality and safety in production; and promote reforms and innovation. 

Shi Guanghui, the city’s deputy mayor, thanked the team for their visits and the comments. Shi vowed that Shanghai will make better quality products that are competitive internationally.